Patient Review

Patient Review

In today's day and age, it is extremely difficult to find such an efficient and talented doctor. He treated my uncle's diabetic foot when it had reached its worst and we had no hopes left. The amount of time he gives to his patient and his in depth digging of every aspect of the problem speaks volume about his passion and dedication towards his profession. what is best is that the fees both him and Dr. Deepa charge is very reasonable. I would advise everyone to visit him for any of your ortho related problems. We need more doctors like him in India before our whole health care system collapses.

Shabnam Tantray Great work Dr Kamal ! CONTINUE THE GOOD WORK!

A very professional and compassionate doctor with caring staff that go out of their way to assist. I had my right toe surgery done which was very successful and will definitely go back for the left toe. I highly recommended the doctor and his team.

Manju Midha Location: Delhi

Dr. Kamal Dureja is very intelligent, talented etc .He listen your problems very carefully and suggest you necessary medicine. He still give sufficient time to every person. Dr. Kamal Dureja different from other doctors is that he won't suggest unnecessary test. I recommend many persons to him and everyone is happy to find a good doctor. He is God in form of a Doctor.

Vikas Gandhi Location: Delhi-NCR

He is an excellent surgeon and more importantly has patience to listen to you and answers all your questions. I am a physician and found him to be a gem in our Indian medical system. I would highly recommend him.

Ruchi Agrawal Location: Delhi-NCR

Dr. Kamal Dureja is a very warm and compassionate doctor. He goes to the root cause of the problem n gives least medicines. He didn't even ask me to get any scans done, unlike other doctors who first ask you to get tests done. Would strongly recommend him.

Mansi Bansal Location: Delhi-NCR

I was happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time. The doctor is very experienced and friendly. He diagnose very technically and patiently and to complete satisfaction.

Rekha Yadav Location: Delhi-NCR

Dr. Kamal Dureja is master of his speciality. He has vast experience and knowledge. He treats everybody from the roots. He is not only a Specialist Doctor but a gentleman too. Perfect to recommend.

Sarita Patel Location: Delhi-NCR

I visited Pulse Medical Centre last month and have nothing but good things to say about my experience there. It's a very welcoming medical centre with a calm atmosphere. Unlike other doctors I have visited in the past, I felt like they really listened to my needs and addressed all the questions I had. Very professional and thorough. I would most definitely recommend anyone who is looking for a medical facility in Delhi to reach out to Pulse Medical.

Louise Mayer April 7 2018